Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some Presents

A Brand New Mix from CWD. The man is one of the best bmore dj's i have ever seen. Blending all the right elements of the genre in a effortless manner.
So here is his latest mix.
Also check out this interview of la crate done over at the turntable lab.
im still not so keen on him but thats because i have only heard bad things. its an interesting read.

HDD is coming......

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ldnnez Podast 3

Here is this fortnight's Ldnnez podcast.It's the creators of Aint It Black and now known as Sweatbreakers DJ's.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Venom & Damage

The guys have come out of the lab and released this wonderful video for their song OMG. Unfortunately the ldnnez podcast with damage is consigned to history but a mini one will be released in two weeks time.

without further rambling here is the video.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


It's been a month since i last posted.
1) the blog is getting an overhaul. its going to look all professional like.
2) the podcasts are still going strong. just released the third one (AIB guys)
3) there will be a new club night run by myself and Kazabon called Hipsters Dont Dance. The Flyer is up top there.
4) This blog will get the love it deserves again soon.
5)Stay with me, itll be the good times soon.
6) Watch this episode of come grime with me starring Donaeo, Warrior Queen and others. Well executed premise. The food looks a little suspect. Once again though the voiceover guy steals it, in this case it's Jammer. "Hygiene problem"

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Who did it better?

Normally reserved for fashion pages this week sees Tinchy "f La Roux and her ginger hair" Stryder and Major "why aren't we bigger" Lazer.
They both used a sample from Olive's You're not Alone.
Here's Tinchy
Major lazer

In other news you might want to check out this fantastic video of The Cool Kids

"The Dog Days Of Summer" from Paul John on Vimeo.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Gucci Vump L-vis remix

I have to say that L-Vis 1990 is the man at the moment and this remix of Gucci vump is his rowning glory. He is currently on a hot streak that is simialr to the justice remix streak of 2007. That and he is currently one of londons best talents. Give it a chance as it's a perfect way of starting your weekend.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whats this? a Podcast?

So after a long break the blog is back. It's focus has changed a bit. I will constantly try and pass on music recommendations, but there will be a bigger focus on the podcast series. Under the same name The LDNNEZ podcasts aim to provide you with something for your commute.
A podcast meant for music lovers and londoners, i will aim to bring you the best guests. The most creative and innovative people in this massive metropolis. Describing what they do, how they came to this city and the songs that remind them of the big smoke. Also find out some of the underrated places that you will have to go visit.

Yo Mama DJs
have stared into the eyes of the beast, it told them to get a haircut and stop playing Pump Up the Jam. They told it to fuck off

Listen to it here
The first one, the baby, the embryo ...... was with the lovely Yo mama dj's (3/4 of 'em). The guys discuss their one year anniversary, baltimore beats and Baile funk in london clubs, garage vs uk funky. Also find out about the amazing sunday pub that does a free bbq soundtracked by hip hop, the best soundsystem in london and where to get your garbs.