Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ain't It Black, London's house party in a club, celebrates it's one year anniversary this Thursday, Dec 4th, at Favela Chic.

I shot the shit with the two creators, Chonsak and Ibrahim. The boys are known for their sartorial expertise, dance moves and musical taste.

If Aint It Black was a look what would it be?
Ibrahim: Shoulder pads, Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson style.
Chonsak: Typeface message tees , gold chains and high tops.
Who are your musical style icons?
I: Andre 3k, Rick James, Prince and Morris Day. Andre is heavily influenced by Prince Charles, who can blame him. With those ears you need a good dress sense to distract folks.
C: Lisa Left Eye, Missy Elliot and Boy 2 Men. That whole preppy wholesome boyband look, jodeci boots and base jackets.

What Item of Clothing defines London?
C: Dr Martin boots, skinheads we're taking it back.
I: Skinny Jeans. That line in (Can't wear skinny jeans cause my nuts don't fit) Swagger Like Us wasn't written by Londoners.
How do you feel about kids style today? Isn't a bit ubiquitous?
I: They tend to mix and match. Granted they are more open to trying out new things. Maybe even dungarees.
C: It's a mashup of eras. It's no longer just one genre, you could get a Africa Bambaataa/Cameo mix going on. It's not all hero worship, people just like that retro feel. Before you could wear one thing and it was a uniform. Chucks, Doc Martins, studs were attributed to one thing.

You Guys run a Club night, so let's judge your taste. Who are your favourite dj's?
C: Apart from our resident DJ's , I would have to say RDJ2
I: Dam Funk

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