Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Say heh!
Guilty pleasure aint just in bed.
One of my current guilty pleasures is Pop Champagne by Ron Browsz. I don't know why but i love it. I have heard every single version including the very politically incorrect Barry Obama victory version in which Busta Ryhmes says some disgusting things he would love to do to a stripper.

The one part i love is the wierd processed string/key bit during the chorus. In fact all i want to hear is that bit. If i had that as my alarm clock i would be pleased.
Anyway Prince Zimboo, a Jamaican reggae comedian, has recorded his own version. His Prince Zimboo guise is basically a amorous Nigerian prince. He turned the track into a semi safe sex message and love yourself message for the ladies.
here are some quotes:
"Practise safe sex/don't exceed the sex limit/Zimboo don't drink water/Cause fish have sex in it/You wonder why the sea so salty/ The octopus is getting naughty."
"Since Rhianna covered her forehead her career took off/ cover up girls you better off"

First spotted here
You can grab the mptrois here
Picture from DC's Boss

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Yo Mama! said...

this is massive I copped it a day or so ago - you wonder why the sea so salty the octopus is getting naughty aaahahahahaha