Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its 2009. And i know some of you cats have put out there some wish list stuff. If improving cooking isnt on it then thats a shame.
You dont have to be amazing but learning to do the simple stuff is good. Practise making three dishes over and over and you will be able to bluff your way in the kitchen. So here is breakfast. I'm going to try and have a recipe up every fortnight. This week is my staple. My go-to-move : Pancakes.
All you need is:

  1. Pancake mix (Aunt Jemina is Queen bitch but Bisquik is good as well. Never get tesco's brand.
  2. Egg - doesnt matter which one. normally i rock the medium size.
  3. milk - full fat. It's pancakes this aint healthy.
  4. Good Butter (not in pic) - President/Lurpack. things with the fat still in them. No Flora.
  5. Maple syrup(not in pic) - Doesnt matter how much you spend just enough to cover the mix.
  6. A Slice of bacon. (not in Pic)

Add pancake mix, egg, then slowly stir in the milk (all in a bowl). Do it so it's a little less milkshake thick. more like nesquik milk. but a tad runnier.

The bacon is important. Not to eat but to line the pan with it's smoky texture. It's my version of salt on McDonald chips. Keep it on a low heat so you can perfect how brown you want your pancakes.

Here comes the key bit. do the first one very small. This one is your abortion one. The guinea pig. If it's too thick add more milk, too runny grab some more of that pancake mix. this first one sets the tone for the rest. These small ones are known as silver dollar pancakes. Remember that nugget to impress the ladies.
Then make accordingly. i usually give about 2 mins each side. and also try and flip the last one. If it works well then you are great if not? It's the last one.

Bon appetit.

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