Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've been on a music rampage recently since i've come back. As much as i love naija music, the other stuff is so much better. Plus i tested these out on some girls yesterday. So i know that they bump.
First up Swizz Beatz. To me he will always be DMX's hype man (kidding). He is a servicable producer getting maybe two good songs out a year. This one isnt excactly one but it samples a well known 90's indie song. Which means that we are this ,the distance between your eyes, close to having a song samnpling Babylon Zoo.

Then on the Uk ting. We have to stand up and applaud the fact that we have created our own versions of soulja boy. But in our cheeky irreverant fashion it isnt annoying. I guess people would sya the same about him if i ever ventured in Hotlanta. Anyway this has been allover the blogs since november but this year will see it sweep the land. Funky House is here to stay? Man Dem.

And finally, i was readin esquire over xmas. And apart from being bemused that there was no black person in the whole magazine. Im not mad but over 300 pages including adverts and not one black face? it just seemed odd. Not racist. Odd. Not even Lewis (im scared of uk taxes and im dating a pussycat doll, the only fit one of the bunch, the one that tried to go solo, did the song with, long last name that she should have dropped, anyway she's back with the dolls.) Hamilton. Anyway Roisin Murphy was in it and i was instantly transported to my teenage years when i fell in love with moloko. Anway this funky house/electro grime track samples her.

UK Stand Up. I'm off to listen to Westwood. Withdrawl symptoms and that.

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