Thursday, January 29, 2009


I'm not entirely sure why it irks me but i really despise ironic hipsters trying to jump on the hip hop bandwagon. That is not to say that one's skin colour should force them to listen to a certain type of music. I love different genres. I mix and match but there is still something that nags when people dont do it for the right intentions. You know like when they get old people to rap or say inappropriate things.
things like this.

I'm not sure why, i know its fun but still it gets to me. So i was perusing the picture blogs and came across this one.

It could be so easily just a hip hop fan. Or some girl that though putting these three heroes of the genre on a tee throwing a gangster pose will make her stand out. In the same way that her friends would put on heels and push up bra to garner male attention.

By the by it works both ways. I'm still pretty embarrassed about this.

ignorance is bliss.

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