Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dean Martin Would Love it

One of my current fave places to eat in london is Vapiano. Not only is it delicious and relatively cheap but it is full of beautiful women. Anyway the cachet to this german run italian restaurant is that the food is made directly in front of you. One of the dishes that i enjoy after a great night out is Carbonara. Which gained it's name due to it resembling charcoal (bits of pancetta and black pepper) in the spaghetti.

Here is the Stakes is High Version.

1. Ingredients needed pancetta, an egg yolk, creme fraiche, parmesan and linguine or spaghetti.

2. Boil the pasta. add a bit of salt and oil. Whilst this is happening fry the pancetta in a pan. do it until it hits browning.

3. Then put the egg yolk in a bowl with 4 heaps of creme fraiche. add as much parmesan as you want. i would suggest about 4 teaspoons full (you can add more later)

4. Drain the pasta, add the bacon and the fat. stir. Then add the creme mixture. Tunr off the heat and stir you dont want to end up with scrambled eggs. add plenty of black pepper. I didnt.

5. Season with Salt and Peppa and more cheese.

6.Get Phil Collins to Eat it.

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