Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Feature: Lionel Richie Video Awards

Presenting a new feature here at the stakes is high. It's worst music video that was released this month. Named after the horrendous Richie video Hello (is it me you're looking for?). My girl Dafna and i have decided on this one. It isnt per se bad. It could be a lot worse, it is standard fair when it comes to Hip-hop videos but it is bland as those odd breads you get at fancy food places.

At this point Dafna would like to say that she likes the track. I find it middling.

Let's break it down.

1)It's filmed on a green screen in order to save some money. And boy is it annoying the crowd shots looks fake. Almost sims 2 worthy.
2)Lasers? What is this Blade 2? I understand that music videos are expensive these days but it's still supposed to be a reflection of the artist. Kevin, from this i guess you still believe that raving circa 1999 is cool. Did you just watch the film Go and think 'hey let's steal some of the props from the club scenes?'
3) There isn't much else to the video. Apart from clothes but im not a fashion writer. Although the Carlton Banks tee is quite good.
4)Wait a second isn't there a Linkin Park video just like this? (this is when i would put the link for faint here but thanks to Warner Bros ill advised move to remove all their videos from youtube i cant do anything. Interesting enough the first casualty of that policy will be Death Cab for Cutie.) By the way that song is faint and is a lot better than this crap.
5)This isn't rock, although Lil Wayne realised this and is about to undo all the good work that he did last year and release his rock album in April. Seriously this sint a joke.

Look major corporations if you are going to shove this down kids throats do it right. Give us something good.

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