Thursday, February 19, 2009

On that Soca Vibe

I have been searching for a replacement for my favourite band (DFA 1979) ever since they split up. There have been bands that have captured that intensity of a two person band, Shy Child and The Kills, but no one has really hit it. Im not too sure that these guys, also for Toronto, can do it but the do make great little funked out bass heavy small tracks. It doesnt hurt that for once they are not just a party band, one song deals with the rise of gun crime in T-dot. Also due to feature on the upcoming MSTRKRFT album hopefully we shall see some more from The Carps soon.

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Dafna said...

I've actually been a fan of The Carps since I saw them live at the Afro Punk New Years Party back in December 2005.

They're both real big ole sweethearts as well.