Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Dear UK,
Please oh please dont follow in america's footsteps and use the word swagger. It is moot and horrible. Us rappers have been using it as a buzzword over the past 6 months. And with Lil Wayne being the darling of their eye the sports writers have picked it up.
After hearing it being used in the Jose Mourinho interview, i sincerely hope that it doesnt become a buzzword here. Imagine little kids running around chattam.
"Oi, nice bubbles mate"
"cheers bruv, i got mad swagger."
or those tannned up floozies running round tiger tiger trying to score a footballer
"Suzie, you got mad swagger tonight babe."
please oh please.
cheers Stakes is High.
p.s. film review i did over here.

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