Monday, March 30, 2009


The greatest television show of all time finally airs on Uk terrestrial television tonight. Kudos goes to the bbc for showing the two best yank important for the past ten years (Mad Men is not just a tv show it is also a lifestyle). I warn the uninitiated, it takes three episodes to really get into it. It isn’t meant to be consumed like a normal television show. It was originally intended to be a book, thus why when you are hooked you are hooked. The characters are rich and diverse, and over the 5 seasons you probably follow the lives of over 100 residents of the city of Baltimore. This show doesn’t pull any punches and shouldn’t have to. The first two series are even set up in a manner that you can cheer along with a main character. By series three the writer knew that the show was much more and expanded it to show the lives of others.

Each series has a theme, the first is based on the drug war struggle and the bureaucracy impeding both sides.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the opening scene.

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