Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well Now

The Jesse Rose album will most likely be my album of the month, if the blog had such a thing. I already talked about the two stunning Hot Chip feature tracks; however the album is full of fidgety house goodness. Even the track Night at the Dogs which chops up the ubiquitous jazz sample Moondog’s Bird Lament is a joy to behold. Let's forget that Mr Scruff re jigged the same song recently. The album even samples that song that you all know but don’t know the name of, on the track Pop Ya Porn.

If you are interested in hearing something different, minimal, sing-a-long choruses and full of bleeps then give this a try. This album is very much the sound of a Brit being influenced by the minimal and dark Berlin dance scene. Imagine if Josef K dropped E in a dark and brooding cave near the Berlin wall circa 1980.

The album What Do You Do If You Don't is out now on Dubsided.

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