Sunday, April 05, 2009

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I love remixes. Not just in a wave your-hands-above-your-head whilst you are off your tits way. That’s too simple, I actually sit down and try to break down each remix, picking off what the producer choose to manipulate from the original song. It’s like trying to undo a jigsaw puzzle.

I can’t even choose my favourite remixer. I would have to ask them to battle it out in an epic four way cage match. Imagine a bout between Erol Alkan, Paul “Phones” Epworth, Hot Chip and Soulwax. It could even be given some tacky name like The Remixers Rumble. Erol would probably win since he also remixes as part of Beyond The Wizards Sleeve.

Remixing is easier than creating a song from scratch, Justice have a tried and tested mathematical formula. Yet I can’t help but be excited by the prospect of any new remix.

Well I used too. Now we are flooded with every bedroom DJ making mash ups and blends of tracks that grates my ears. Each one hoping to become the next L.A. Riots and making the jump from Blogspot favourite to Kylie Minogue remixer. The majority of these shit DJs will be playing at your local Walkabout pub on a Friday night. And that’s where they should stay.

Yet due to my addiction to the good shit I am forced to trawl through these musical abortions. The tango version of the Arctic Monkeys, the trance remix of Usher’s In This Club and the happy hardcore version of The Terminator theme song, I’ve heard them all. To steal from The Blackout Crew, all the DJ’s do is put their own donk on it.

[Pic - DJ Orgasmic, a great remixer, producer, DJ and good dude]

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