Monday, April 13, 2009


Amidst the songs about materialism, drugs and paranoia, one subject matter that people tend to forget about the 80s was the plethora of songs about scheming friends. The prime example being Rick Springfield’s Jessie’s Girl aka an ode to his friend’s new girlfriend aka I’m a whiny loser.

Hidden beneath this cheerful foot stomper is a sad song about man possessed with another woman. He doesn’t mention her attributes at all: just that he wants one like it. He sounds as if he is ordering a hooker.

First of all let me give props, his wardrobe in this video is very good. I chose this shot because in a 3 minute video exploring the complexities of friendship and want you need to cut corners. Graffitti on the wall works when telling it in storyboard form not in a video. I forgot to mention that Jessie did that on the wall.

“Look woman (I don’t know her name it’s never mentioned in the song), I love you, so much ill graff the fact that I own you.”

This is a shot of Rick dancing which doubles as him suggesting to Jessie’s girl what he would like to do to her. Drugs not only opened minds but bodies as well in the 80’s.

I love this shot. He’s playing guitar, in the bathroom staring into the mirror with the “girl” behind him. Does that even make any sense? Why doesn’t he just turn around and sing to her? No wonder he’s stuck writing odes to her.

He hated that scene as well that’s why he broke the mirror.

The video finishes with this scene, I still don’t get it. Either way he didn’t get the girl. Whinny little bitch. In conclusion I like the song. I hate the idea of it. I hate the idea that I couldn’t avoid the 21st century version of Jessie’s Girl. Either way the video makes up for the fact that sort of behaviour is shit I don’t take from my friends.

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