Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fact Magazine

is killing it right now. The best mix of interviews and op-ed's in the game right now. I need to add that getting twice weekly mixes from people as diverse as MJ Cole, Scratch DVA and The XX doesn't hurt.
The best thing that the site offers is the The Essential series this offers up some of the best work of a chosen artist. It really showed me why people love wiley. I was in the states during Grime' rise during the early 00's and having an opportunity to go back and listen to his tracks and maybe more importantly his beats made me a fan.
This week they have Danja the unsung music producer at the moment. As a music geek i may have to big up producers more since they are the true genius behind the ever increasing vapid popstars. Ones that have no clue about the music.
Fact Magazine.

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