Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whats this? a Podcast?

So after a long break the blog is back. It's focus has changed a bit. I will constantly try and pass on music recommendations, but there will be a bigger focus on the podcast series. Under the same name The LDNNEZ podcasts aim to provide you with something for your commute.
A podcast meant for music lovers and londoners, i will aim to bring you the best guests. The most creative and innovative people in this massive metropolis. Describing what they do, how they came to this city and the songs that remind them of the big smoke. Also find out some of the underrated places that you will have to go visit.

Yo Mama DJs
have stared into the eyes of the beast, it told them to get a haircut and stop playing Pump Up the Jam. They told it to fuck off

Listen to it here
The first one, the baby, the embryo ...... was with the lovely Yo mama dj's (3/4 of 'em). The guys discuss their one year anniversary, baltimore beats and Baile funk in london clubs, garage vs uk funky. Also find out about the amazing sunday pub that does a free bbq soundtracked by hip hop, the best soundsystem in london and where to get your garbs.

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