Sunday, September 28, 2008

Had the best meal in my life today. Thai food is the best. Never had calamari since i touched a octopuss as a kid and the bugger freaked me out.

Anywho i was watching the DVNO video this morning and was struck by the fact i didnt know who sang it. Some tinternet sleuthing showed that it was Medhi Pinson lead singer of french indie band Scenario Rock. Never heard of them? neither have i and they even have a justice remix under their belt. So here is their biggest song Skitzo Dancer, directed by the same dudes (Jeremie Rozan & Martial Schmeltz ( Surface2air )) that did the midnight juggernauts video i posted a while back.

This then made me wonder what fortune and koko von napoo are up to?
Fortune seem to be stagnant, no word of a ep or anything of that ilk but koko von napoo are playing 93 feet east in november. Will be sure to check them out again the chemistry between me and the drummer was so......... intense that you could say it was ice cold. Ginger female drummer who supported lightspeed whats not to love. Oh and to all those witty people calling me lightspeed last night that was hilarious.... cunts.
This week will be music week with posts about the following ...... digitalism, mixes,interpol and the sad state of remixes.
And maybe just maybe the creation of the fran blog.

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