Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let me tell you about Britain's most influential band in recent times. No it isn't Radiohead or Arctic Monkey's or even Alexandra from X-Factor. It is Simian.
Never has a little known band been so instrumental in shaping the landscape that we know live in.
Simon William Lord, James Ellis Ford, Alex MacNaghten and James Anthony Shaw are now the four gatekeepers of modern day music.
Let's start off with the least sucessful of the four. Simon has remodelled himself as Lord Skywave. An obscure solo project that is sparse radiohead (kid A). When Mr Hudson becomes huge next year, people should shake their heads at the fact that this album was made and no one listened to it.
Alex has according to the internet disappeared.

Shaw and Ford went on to form Simian Mobile disco. Who made an amazing album which had my favourite video of last year. they also made one of those nike run mixes.
Then Simon not to be upstaged in the dance arena teamed up with one of the dj's from the Wiseguys (Remember them?)
to form Black Ghosts, a vastly underrated act this year.
But James Ford had something else under his hat. Outside production for the following artists: Klaxons, Mystery Jets, Arctic Monkeys and Last Shadow Puppets. You know unknown no mark bands.
then there are the off shoots.
The other half of black ghosts is touche who is also remixing under the guise of Fake Blood.
And it was remix contest which brought together two parisians known as justice.

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