Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

At this point you have cleared out the clutter in your life and replaced it with a massive hangover.
Anyway until i get back to the uk you will have to bear with word heavy posts.
To be honest i might just stay, i get to swim at night, drink too much, eat good food, watch shitty tv and football highlights. Right now im watching the Rose bowl. anyway big things coming up this year.
Every end of the month will be a music video dissection where Dafna and I chat about the worst video we have watched that month. (Still havent come up with a catchy name for it yet.)
Remix of the month. I still dreadfully addicted to them.
Outside the blog, hoping to set up a bar night with my friend Jamey.
Also look out for more interviews with up and coming artists, whether that be in the fieldsof music, fashion, art or some local drunk i found interesting.
All the way through January will be video and Picture posts of my misadevntures in Nig, including coverage of Africa's biggest street party.
And the typical mix of videos and women to get you through the year.
Peace - Two fingers.

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