Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last week I sat down and skype interviewed (which now has made it hard to distinguish voices) Data Select Party. I caught up with the lads (minus Tom) as they were preparing for their tour this February. We managed to chat about John Hughes movies, future Christmas plans, influences, donk music, Zane Lowe and Nigerian palm wine.

The London based, math-rock band will be releasing their mini album Hanging Out With Humans on 23rd of February. I caught up with Dan, James and Hugo as they practised for the upcoming tour.

James: We are about to play a 12 date tour, mainly in the south, which is around the end of February. All in support of the new mini album. For some reason we seem to be more popular in the south.

That’s probably because Donk Music is so big up North. Nothing else gets a chance.

James: What is donk music?

It’s this.

James: That just sounds wrong. Donk sounds like some strange sort of sexual practise.

Like “last night I donked that girl.”

Brief intermission and the rest of the guys (minus tom the drummer) join the interview.

What else do you guys have planned for this year?

Hugo: World Domination.

Dan: Apart from the tour, a brand new song which will hopefully be the new single, released maybe in April. It’s a good song so I’m excited. Then maybe an album in October.

Your music has been described as the best bits of a John Hughes film. What is your favourite John Hughes Film?

(at this point everyone speaks at once.)

James: Is Uncle Buck one of them?

Dan: Uncle Buck is pretty good.

James: John Candy what a King! John Candy was great in Home Alone.

Hugo: I think I’m a bit young for those films.

Some girl the other week called me the black John Candy. I didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or not.

Dan: I would

James: He is the most loved man in the world.

Dan: Didn't he die in a Sauna?

Was he relaxing?

Dan: Maybe he was just too chilled out.

James: Relaxed so much his heart stopped.

What bands influence you?

James: Minus The Bear, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Prefuse 73, Fugazi, American Football, Make Believe….

Dan: Stuff like that I guess, that list is pretty long.

You guys were on Zane Lowe’s Sooner. How was that?

Dan: It was exciting.

Is Zane Lowe that hyper all the time?

Dan: I’d never really listened to him before. People came up to me and asked me “is he a prick?” He isn’t. He’s absolutely lovely

Hugo: He’s a really nice guy. He’s pretty down to earth.

Apart from yourselves what other bands do you think will do well this year.

James: Have you heard of a band called Colour? They are pretty good.

Hugo: We are on tour with them in February.

Dan: It’s definitely their year.

James: I think that Donk music thing could be huge. If Tom our drummer was here he would say that Kings of Leon are destined for big things.

Tour Dates

22 Feb 2009 20:00
tap n tin w/ colour chatham
23 Feb 2009 20:00
old blue last w/ colour (FREE ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW!) london
24 Feb 2009 20:00
the boileroom w/ colour guilford
25 Feb 2009 20:00
bodega social w/ colour nottingham
26 Feb 2009 20:00
barfly w/ colour liverpool
27 Feb 2009 20:00
nags head w/ colour high wycombe
1 Mar 2009 20:00
barfly w/ colour cardiff
2 Mar 2009 20:00
the peel w/ colour kingston
3 Mar 2009 20:00
hamptons w/ colour southampton
4 Mar 2009 20:00
pop bubble rock @ moho live w/ colour manchester
5 Mar 2009 20:00
ibar w/ colour bournemouth
6 Mar 2009 20:00
orange box w/ colour yeovil
7 Mar 2009 20:00
you! me! dancing! @ the cellar oxford

I have to say thank you to the guys for letting me interview them. I’m looking forward to seeing them play in February at Old Blue Last.

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