Monday, January 19, 2009

The Wisdom of Rick Ross!

(Rick Ross celebrating the Asian market crash which made him a trillamillionaire.)

With the economy hit hard and the government still bailing out to people willy nilly it's time to get some sage economic advice from LDNNEZ financial correspondent.
After hearing that Penthouse and Girls Gone Wild creators have asked the US government for some money, I have looked for some outside the box. A creative blue sky thinker. Step forward my own robert peston - Rick Ross.

Now some of you may not be aware of Rick's impressive track record. Lets give you some background info. Rick Ross or to give him his government name, William Leonard Roberts II, was born in wall street. He moved down to miami where he found success early on in his life as the tuck shop operator. Running the shop with an iron fist he began to branch out and expand his empire. He realised that combining his stern pragmatic business sense and his penchant for uniforms he became a police corrections officer.

(Rick accepting the monster munch award for steady ongoing sales.)

After that had run it's course he became a multi platinum selling rapper. With minimal talent and a not so video friendly physique he became a financial wizard. Over the upcoming weeks he will be giving us bits of his wisdom.

Week 1
Cross the line
Open up a drum, I’m eating oprah crumbs
Got poor credit, got ass debit
Walk in the 40-40, I’m a score bet it
Four tennis chains ass, im porgetic?

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