Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have been listening to A bunch of new example stuff this weekend in prep for a mix that DMCA will take down (4 cease and desist this year). It makes sense for Example to jump on these tracks, his flow and style of rapping fits perfectly with the 16 + Chorus format that bassline and dubstep will allow.

Then I heard this new Dizzee track, he reinvents the wheel. Yes it is a shame that he isn’t spitting on the stuff that we as fans have become used to but that doesn’t sell. This on the other hand will. It’s better than any skank and better than Bloody Beetroots (2009 piss poor version of Vitalic) so ultimately it will sell.

For the purists we still have the other albums but im pretty sure that I will be rocking this early this summer at some sweatbox club out east. Trying to catch the eye of a beautiful young thing, that’s all you ask for in a party song.

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