Saturday, March 28, 2009

We Gon' Ride

“Vegetarianism is a first world luxury.” Anthony Bourdain.

Over the past week I have started my days by watching an episode of No Reservations. No Reservations is a mix between a travel and cookery show. Each week Anthony Bourdain visits a new country highlighting the culture, the people and their cuisine. A former chef and writer, Anthony is adept at describing the tastes, sounds and atmospheres that the television isn’t able to show. Enough of my man crush. The statement above is something that stuck with me over the past couple of days.

It is a first world luxury to bale to dismiss a huge staple of our everyday diet. And to be honest most vegetarians are people I wish to steer clear off. They are pompous self aggrandising rich folks who desperately feel the need to be different. I have only met one person who had a valid excuse to be a vegetarian. He lost all the taste buds in his mouth, and he dines of vegetables since the have a more interesting texture.

Around about the third date I usually ask the girl if she eats for pleasure or if she eats for sustenance. Inevitably she says for pleasure, and so she should. Food is a pleasurably experience. Certain tastes invoke memories of past dishes, whether it be homemade or in a restaurant or even abroad. This is a luxury.

The picture above this article is Agege bread. Agege bread is different from European bread since you can eat a loaf of the Nigerian stuff and be full until dinner. A lot of Nigerian cuisine is structured to feed the masses cheaply and for much longer. The bread will sit in your gut for much longer than white bread will. I’m not sure if they added more yeast or even more flour. That is not to say that it isn’t delicious. It is fantastic. The bread is sweetened since people don’t use butter. It has been crafted with a busy workforce in mind. Similar to the Cornish Pastie, this is food designed to accommodate the people.

How did our civilisation reach the point that people could pick and choose what fits with there lifestyle choices? Quit hiding behind that ideal and just come out and say that you want to be special. While you’re at it can you please wear an orange jumpsuit so I know to stay away from your ignorant, foolish and frankly small minded arse.

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