Friday, March 20, 2009

Crawling Up The Wall

It has been a while since we have had a recipe on here, not really my fault since I am broke.

Well this week sees me make Latkes. Or as I like to call them (insert crappy Boston Irish accent a la Ray Winstone in The Departed) Potato Pancakes. Associated with Jewish, Czech, German and Polish cuisine, they are a simple side to make as either appetisers or with the main meal. If that many cultures are laying claim to it then it has to be good right?



Potatoes, Flour, Onion and Eggs. All relatively cheap and remember you should have them at all times since they are versatile.

peel an onion and then add it to the mixture.

Then peel and grate and onion. Mix Them together.

Crack two eggs and add them to the mixture. Bind well.

Then grab and pan, heat up some oil. Add the mix a spoon full at a time.

Read some pretentious art magazine that you got for free. Then look at the fact that it cost 4.50 (!) and wonder if you can sell it on the streets.

Couple of minutes on each side, keep on low heat if you are going to fuck around and do other things. Drain with paper towels.

Serve with ketchup. Actually if done properly, you could have this with a pork chop and apple sauce.

The good thing about them is that if you make a ton, they make great hangover food.

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