Tuesday, March 24, 2009

House Of Jealous Lovers

If one band sums up my music blog experience then it is The Virgins. I first heard of the New York band via the old Mad Decent message board. Someone had made a blend of a demo version of Rich girls with Justin Timberlake’s verse from that Nelly Furtado and Timbaland song, Give It To Me. Now 2 years later they band have released their album after playing with Patti Smith and then catering to London IT girls du jour The Geldofs. The band sound slightly different to the demo versions since the major label scrub made them sound less like a nonchalant, effervescent Hall and Oates covers band and more like some underwater distorted piss poor version of Reverend and The Makers.

Then again, I guess if I see them live I can’t complain. The songs are still fun and slide in comfortably with my pre going out music playlist which includes The Rakes, The Cool Kids, Santogold, Metronomy, The Rapture and any other disco/rock/electro band that can fit under that umbrella.

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