Monday, July 27, 2009

Friendly Fires : Kiss of Life Video

Alex Turner: “Paul Epworth is winning at life.” Alex Turner is a man dating Alexa Chung and a star in two successful bands in recent times he is a man I can trust.

The thing is that the man formerly known as Phones is branching out into a stellar producer. First he turned skiffleball Elvis impersonator ponce Jack Penate into an accomplished singer songwriter with echoes of early 90’s tribal dance and African drums. Then he constantly manages to pull out the best of one of my favourite bands, Friendly Fires.

Kiss of Life is them eschewing their addictive brand of new disco funk. Instead the track is samba carnival drumming with drops that’ll make you scream for more. It might be my favourite track by the St Albans band that’s including Paris (Ldnnez rule number 54: almost all songs about Paris are amazing.)

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