Friday, July 24, 2009

State of the Union

My computer died for a 12 hour span. My life crumbled. I am so dependent on this machine to do even the simple things. Thank god I have an iphone otherwise I would have had a complete meltdown. It’s strange but I am moving my whole life towards the laptop. Between the flat hunt, job hunt and entertainment, my life is this hunk of plastic and silicone that is currently warming up my balls.

Anyway, it’s functioning at the moment so I’m pleased. Will try and post more important things this week, other than just random pictures and videos.

I should add right now that the Simian Mobile Disco album is shaping up quite nicely. I suggest that you grab it when it comes out.

Doesn’t Mick look crazy suave in this picture. As If he knows that he is going to smash but she is putting up a front. Oh to be a rolling stone.

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